About Us

Pubudu Engineering (Pvt) Ltd, one of the leading establishments in the Electro Mechanical Sector began their journey 25 years ago as a ‘Micro Industry ’.over the past period the Company achieved many milestones and faced challenges to achieve what we are today. Pubudu Engineering (Pvt) Ltd., takes pride in achieving International Standards with the 1EC61439 status and also is an ISO 9001-2008 certified.

We manufacture our Products utilizing the latest computerized method in Fabrication such as Punching, Bending, and Perforating etc. Al products are modular type and geared to manufacture smallest lighting Distribution Boards to the Synchronizing Panels including Motor Control Centers, Power Distribution Boards, Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks. and PLC Panels etc. The Company recently manufactured a Smart Panel fully computerized for remote Control operations. The Cornpany’s scope has been widened to be a service provider for Small House. high Rise Buildings. Hospitals. Factory Complexes, Hotels and many more.

All our Products are marketed under the ‘POWER- LINK’ brand is a industrially recognized mark and is popular as quality products. apart from the Power Panels, the Company manufactures modular type Box Enclosures, Feeder Pillars and Cable Management Systems under the same brand name and 19th Racks under SysRack Brand Powerlink Power Panels were tested to withstand Earthquake conditions under the Seismic Test conducted by the Central Power Research institute in Bangalore, lndia. Our Panels have been tested for Short Circuit, Temperature Rise, Impulse. Dielectric Corrosion Resistance and Lifting etc. , along with IP and Seismic adhering to IEC 61439. The Company has carried out all these tests to offer certified products in order to maintain our Motto Safety, quality and Reliability

Whilst dominating the local market, we take pride in mentioning that the Company has entered the International Market with the export of our Products to lndia, Bangladesh, Maldives, Australia, Kenya and South Africa

our Organizations many achievements and standards have proved to the to the world and the aspirations, explained by our Chairman/ managing Director Mr T.A.S Premalal in his own words “our wish is achieving the Top Rung in the Electrical Sector with products and services with Safety, quality and Reliability.”

With the diversification of the Business of the Company Pubudu Engineering Projects (Pvt) Ltd., was launched to cater to the installation and execution of Electro Mechanical Projects. This Company is categorized as an EM1 Company by the ICTAD for Low and Medium Voltage Projects.

For Trading activities. we have launched Cubicoan (Pvt) Ltd.. where one court purchase all electrical under one roof from the showroom situated in Kotte.

We are continually working to improve our products and sector development in providing better service .


Our History

"Pubudu Enterprises" Founded in 1991 our Chairman/Managing Director Mr.T.A.S.Premalal ,constitied its name to,Pubudu Engineering (Pvt)Ltd, A limited liability company in the year 2000.

Over the decades "Pubudu Engineering (Pvt)Ltd" has achieved and established a predominant position in the power sector with the workforce of trained and highly skilled technicians working under guidance of qualified engineers, together with our newly formed subsidiary company."Pubudu Engineering (Pvt)Ltd"


"To be on top rung of the power sector"


To strengthen customer relationship by providing superior products and services while maintaining high standards in "Safety , Quality and Reliability"

Our Objectives

  • Provide an excellent customer service.
  • Maintain goodwill.
  • Maximize our customer base.
  • Aggressively adopt new concepts of technology to our products.
  • Recognize and reward our employees for their dedication.

Chairman's Message